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Museum Blog Autumn 2017

November 17, 2017

Ladies Aid, Trondhjem style:

Do you remember when your mother went to Ladies Aid? That was the big social event of the month for the women of the church. Everyone would be dressed up and would have on those freshly polished nice black shoes that laced up the front with black shoe laces.

The hostess would work for days doing a thorough house cleaning. Then she would spend a day or two baking goodies for the big lunch. She cooked a large pot of “egg” coffee and served sandwiches made from homemade bread, pickles, cake, cookies and some times a bowl of red jello.

The pastor was usually present and would give devotions. A collection was taken and each lady was expected to give 10 cents. If they needed additional money once a year they would have an auction of items the women had made.

The Trondhjem Ladies Aid was organized in 1778. The first meeting was held at the home of Johannes Fossum. There were 32 members. It was also called Trondhjem Kvindeforeningen (woman’s society).

This photograph from the TCPS Museum Collection was taken in 1910 at the home of J.K. Johnson. Writing on the back of the photograph states “the man in the tall hat was our Pastor Oftedal. We liked him very much.”

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