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A Word from our President

June 30, 2020

As I sit down to write this, our Nation as well as our local communities are engulfed in an unprecedented response to a pandemic, which is unpredictable and devastating on so many levels. Like you, I have been receiving messages by the hour from government, organizations and businesses about their status and response to this virus, whose severity and unknown longevity are causing so many closures and changes.

We don’t know what will happen over the next months, but it is clear that things will still be unsafe into May. As a result, we have made a decision as a Board to cancel Syttende Mai for next month, with the hope of perhaps hosting an event in the Fall. We are hoping we will be able to safely hold our Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social in July, however. We will keep you updated on our website.

All of this has made me consider how much of our fundraising is dependent upon the events we host for the benefit of our Members and our community – primarily our annual Syttende Mai celebration and summer Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social. When/if we are forced to cancel these events, what impact will that have on our financial status and health? While the bulk of our annual budget comes from donations, annual and special events bolster our mission and our visibility. Like you, our monthly bills must be paid even when our events are cancelled.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will see our best estimate for next year’s budget (May 1 to April 30). Our expenses are pretty basic, and set. This seems to highlight the necessity to move from a focus on event based fundraising to planned, annual giving as a more stable, sustainable financial structure. Please take a moment to review our proposed budget, and think about planned annual giving to the Trondhjem Community Preservation Society, as we move past this chaotic and frightening time. It would mean a great deal to our stability going forward.

While our scheduled community events may have to be postponed, the regular work at TCPS goes forward: care and maintenance of our precious historic structure, museum committee when possible, and hosting a few private events. As always, we are grateful for your interest and support. If you have ideas on new and innovative ways we can live out our mission, please let us know!

Be well and be safe-

Nancy Halverson Norton President TCPS Board of Directors

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